Introduction Royan Institute is a pioneer in Reproductive Medicine, Stem Cells, and Biotechnology and has a special place in promoting the country's knowledge and scientific progress at the domestic and international levels.
It is not only the goal and vision of the managers, specialists, researchers, and personnel of Royan Institute, but also one of the goals of the blessed life of Dr. Saeed Kazemi Ashtiani (the late founder of Royan Research Institute), and we undoubtedly consider it our duty to fulfill a part of this significant mission.
Therefore, according to the expansion of the research institute and the development of different departments, we decided to transfer the acquired knowledge to the scientific community through "Royan Publications" in Educational Deputy-Research Deputy.
Undoubtedly, the publication of texts is considered a scientific activity,  and the approval of the scientific council of the research institute as the principal authority and supporter of this scientific movement, and publications in this process is facilitating and accelerating.

Royan Institute succeeded in receiving a publishing license from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and the activity of this unit began under the title "Royan Research Institute Publications" on 2011/06/07.